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August 30, 2008

What do you think about Georgia?

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Edit 2015-03-18: This post belongs less to this mostly technical blog. I was not particularly interested in politics. I was intrigued and curious about what seemed to be a difficult situation on moral consistency from its presentation on TV. I am not interested at all of discussing political subjects now, and haven’t discussed politics for some years, not even software development related. If it wasn’t obvious already, this post was neutral with a nuance towards international rights and an intellectual discussion of morality.

Original post (2008-08-30):

I saw on television the recent war on Georgia. I want to say my opinion on the matter. I think that the russians tried to make their actions look similar with the USA intervention in Kosovo. Its true there was no land invasion in Kosovo but the air attacks where far reaching inside Serbia. Just like the russian response was far reaching inside Georgia. The russians commented that they are fighting for the peace of the region. They said that they are providing humanitarian aid and fighting off the aggressor. And now they are recognizing the breakaway provinces South Osetia and Abhazia as independent states. Just like US did with Kosovo. Neither USA or Russia had UN support for their actions. Its true that US had a lot a of allies and UN support was denied by Russian intervention. But still, there was no legal international support in both cases. The Russians might say that they respected the will of the people in the two provinces. Just like US respected the will of the people in Kosovo. It seems to me that there are many similarities between the US intervention in Kosovo and the Russian intervention in South Osetia. What do you think? Should the Russian soldiers be heroes or negative characters?


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